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What do you get when you blend the two grapes named Petit(e) Verdot and Sirah? DOUBLE TROUBLE! Petit Verdot actually pre-dates Cabernet and was a primary grape of the Roman Empire in the Eighteenth Century; it exhibits Violet, Chocolate and earth flavors. The Petite Sirah as we all know is not Petite at all. So why did the French call it Petite meaning small, or less? The reason is that this grape takes longer than most to mature and never really matured in France, so they thought it was a grape with little flavor. However, we know this to be different at Shadowbrook, we know it as a Flavor explosion of spicy plum and dark delicious berry flavors that coat your mouth like velvet. So when we blend the two together we get a lot of great flavors like plum and boysenberries with wild aromas of Vanilla. This wine is really fun to drink and just might be the new favorite of the wine club.
APPELLATION: San Francisco Bay
(Walnut Creek) Contra Costa County
ALCOHOL: 14.5%
RELEASE DATE: September 2015